New from Panasonic! KX-NSX2000 Communication Server


 Panasonic’s KX-NSX2000 is a next-generation, IP-based business communications server designed to support growing enterprises in need of a flexible solution. The platform offers advanced IP networking and vast scalability, managing up to 2,000 devices across 32 networked sites with multiple devices per extension. With centralized management and remote maintenance, the KX-NSX2000 system can be operated from a single location eliminating the need for an administrator at every site. Additional features include a built-in call center with advanced call routing, unified messaging, video communications, and redundancy. An ideal choice for industries needing real-time and reliable communications solutions such as customer service, sales or hospitality.


Panasonic Business Communication Servers

One compact platform, multiple communication channels.


The new KX-NS700 series is a compact hybrid communication platform designed to enhance communications and productivity for small- to medium-sized businesses. Easy to install and maintain, this flexible digital and IP communication system serves up to 250 users and can be quickly and easily configured and expanded to meet evolving business needs.

With features that include built-in unified messaging, cell phone support and basic call center functionality, the KX-NS700 series offers functions that enable employees — working both inside and outside the office environment — to control and direct communications to enhance productivity, while saving time and money.

Ideal for small call center environments, built-in applications including Queue Announcement, Live Status Monitor, Activity Report, and Automatic Conversation Recording support the critical needs of supervisors and improve call handling, routing, response times and sales.

Voice, Data & Fiber Infrastructure

voice,data and fiber cabling

In today’s high-tech world the demand for reliable telecommunications and network environments is continually increasing. As a result the costs and the complexity associated with corporate communication infrastructures are also constantly increasing. At the core of these complex systems is the cabling that must transmit your data and voice both reliably and continuously. Keeping your lines of communication transmitting properly requires well planned, properly installed cabling.
In order to meet today’s real-world needs Telesystems West, Inc., an experienced and fully licensed provider of voice and data infrastructure services, have formed a strategic alliance to offer clients affordable professional data and voice cabling installation and testing services. This strategic alliance allows our cabling customers to reap the benefits of a knowledge base that encompasses years of voice and data installation expertise, and a full understanding of both the needs and concerns that can effect corporate IT services. Our alliance ensures that you can be confident that your needs for the present are met and that your needs for the future are taken into consideration helping to maximize your ROI (Return on Investment).

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