Why The KX-NS700?

  • Robust communication features
  • Scalability
  • First Class Service and Support
  • Industry Leading 2-year warranty

Solutions for Growth

If you are already a Panasonic customer, you can protect your current equipment investment when migrating to a KX-NS700 hybrid communication platform. The KX-NCP, KX-TDE or KX-TDA customer can easily retain many of their existing telephone models as well as expand the KX-NS700 communication platform in phases based on the number of extensions needed. This translates into big savings and the convenience of keeping familiar phones in service.

Cost-effective Flexibility

  • Construct systems that can be flexible and cost effective by combining both IP and legacy trunks to meet your needs
  • Talk with your remote offices anywhere in the world without telephone charges by using a private network with VoIP
  • By utilizing IP networking, install IP phones at a remote office without the need for a local communication server or a VPN connection

Heightened Customer Satisfaction with Unified Messaging

Built-in Unified Messaging provides voice mail for users and can also provide voice guidance to outside callers, either directing them to their desired destination or to a user's voice mailbox. The KX-NS700 records up to 24 simultaneous calls and 400 hours of voice mail and can send email notifications whenever a call is missed or a voicemail is left. Users can access their voice mailboxes using a common email client. With the included Microsoft Outlook plug-in, users can access their voice mailboxes through Microsoft Outlook just as they do for email.

Integrate with Your Cell Phone and Never Miss a Customer Call

Receive customer calls both inside and outside the company by having your office phone and cell phone ring simultaneously when a customer calls your office number.

Improve Work Efficiency with Call Center Support

Built-in applications support a call center's basic needs such as queue announcement, live status monitoring, activity reports, automatic conversation recording and storage. Calls can be transferred without an operator.

Productivity Application Suite:

  • Mobility
  • Desktop Agent Productivity and Integration
  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Appointment Reminder and Outbound Dialing
  • Call recording
  • Call Accounting

Simplified Administration with Web-Based Maintenance

Through a web browser, the platform administrator can easily maintain the KX-NS700 system,  maintenance including voicemail for both a single location and the multi-site location installation.

One-Look Networking

When the KX-NS700 and the KX-NS1000 communication platforms are linked, the One-Look Networking feature from Panasonic will seamlessly connect multiple sites as a single, fully transparent system with centralized administration and reporting.

Industry-Leading 2-year Warranty with US-Based Support

Panasonic stands behind your investment with a powerful, industry leading, two-year standard limited warranty covering parts and labor. We even have an extended service option for a total of up to 7 years of coverage, all by our renowned US-based customer service center.