Small Office, Retail, Restaurant, Home Office Wireless Solution

Low cost small business, home office solutions. Plug the Cell site into your network and all cordless sets and wireless desk sets connect to a Hosted via the Internet. Eight telephones maximum. Signal booster plug into electrical to extend coverage. Great solution where wiring is limited or unavailable. Requires SIP service from Hosted provider for dial tone. Auto-Attendant, Voice Mail, Voice Mail to Email and many more features. Long Distance included in the US.

Telesystems West Partners with Hosted Service Providers to Bring Our Customers Multiple Options to Design a Solution the Specifically Meets There Needs.

Hosted telephone service is another option for our customers. Telephones connect via the cloud to the Hosted provider. There is no on-site premise equipment and only utilizes your web connection. Multi-site systems are a breeze and acts like one complete system. Call Center, call reporting and call recording features are all available. Manage your calls via a browser. Auto-Attendant and Voice mail along with many more features are included.

How Does it Work?

The telephones plug into your network and connect via your internet connection and registers with the hosted provider. The system is programmed via a browser. Both the customer and the provider have access to this interface. You can program and make changes yourself or call the provider and they will do it for you.

How Many Lines do I Need to Order? 

Each telephone comes with an unlimited amount of incoming/outgoing lines. Your customers will never get a busy signal. If you cannot answer the call whether you are busy or unavailable, the calls can go to voice mail or in a call queue.

How Does Pricing Work?

Basically the service is priced on a per phone basis monthly. There are optional features you can add depending on your needs. Call us to put a quote together so you know exactly what you need and the cost.


A network assessment is done prior to the installation. Is your existing network capable of handling the Voice over IP service? Are your routers programmed properly to allow voice traffic? This is necessary to ensure a smooth install. We work with your IT person or if you do not have one, we have trained staff to provide this service.

Telephones are shipped directly to the customer pre-programmed. A project manager is assigned to get the system programmed the way you want it to work. Training is provided from the provider prior to the installation. If you are unsure of technology and want us to come on site, set everything up and plug it in, we also have that service available.

Can I Keep My Existing Telephone Numbers?

Yes. Porting number over to the Hosted Service requires some paperwork. A letter of Authorization must be signed and a recent copy of your telephone bill. Porting can take two weeks or more to go through once all the paperwork has been accepted. Typically we forward your number to a temporary number on the Hosted Service until the porting happens. This is to insure continuity of service. Once the port happens, you can discontinue the telephone service with the old provider. Note: You must still have Internet service.

What Happens if My Internet Service is Down?

In setting up your system, you can have your cell phone as a back up for your extension. Since the telephone has to register with the Hosted provider, once the system detects a set is not registered, it automatically sends the call to your cell. The Auto Attendant is in the cloud so that is not affected.

What if I Have an Existing Telephone System that Can Handle SIP Trunks (Hosted Telephone Lines)

SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) Trunks are also available. These trunks will integrate with your existing telephone system (a site survey may be required depending on the age of your equipment) Reduce your monthly costs for your lines along with no long distant charges in the US and Canada. Sip trunking allows you to have the ability to have a direct number to each and every employee. Contact us for more information.