Unified Communication Solutions

Improve ROI, increase efficiency and boost productivity with customizable and scalable telephony applications.

Appointment Reminder

Appointment Reminder gives you an easy way to reminder customers about an upcoming appointment with a variety of notification options that can be used based on the customer's preference - outbound call, email notification and/or text message. The Appointment Reminder is a powerful tool for any service-based company, Doctor's office etc... It reduces no-shows, increases revenues, frees up staff and reduces cost, which results in a quick return on investment (ROI).

Call Recording

In business environments that require a phone call to be captured and recorded for future reference, Call Recording can be an essential medium for training, reducing conflicts and resolving potential liabilities. With this application you can search for a recording by extension, date and time, calling name and many other fields. Recorded conversations are encrypted and stored in their original form to maintain integrity and can be emailed and saved in a .wav format for easy review.

Call Accounting

Gain insight and understanding about your organization's performance and customer experience with Call Accounting. Call Accounting logs incoming, outgoing and internal call into a database, allowing you to create a variety of historical reports to give you the information you need to manage your business via controlling expenses, distributing costs and increasing employee productivity.

Real-time Monitoring, Reporting Notification

In a time when extreme customer satisfaction and rapid response are critical to an organization's success, Real-time Monitoring, Reporting and Notification gives management the ability to view incoming call statistics to optimize customer service. Real-time Monitoring, Reporting and Notification is an ideal solution for managers and supervisors of contact centers, healthcare and other organizations who need to know how the business is performing.

Desktop Agent Productivity and Integration

Handle you incoming calls more efficiently and spend more time serving your customers with Desktop Agent Productivity and Integration. Give your employees the tools they need for success with this software solution that enables them to answer calls from their desktop instead of a telephone handset. It combines the call data with the customer's existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database to enable a screen popup displaying the customer's data.

Interactive Voice Response

For organizations looking to benefit from having an intelligent call routing and/or voice/touch response system, look no further than the Interactive Voice Response application. This robust software allows callers to interact with the system by pressing the touch-tone numbers on a telephone keypad or using voice commands to answer simple computer voice prompts. It is intelligent and simple, improving customer service and increasing employee efficiency.

Wait Time Announcer

Give your on-hold customers peace of mind by letting them know where they sit in the call wait queue and the estimated wait time. Wait Time Announcer is the perfect complement to a busy contact center or for any business that wants to provide an unparalleled level of service because it provides the caller with options including staying on the line, leave a voice mail message or call back later.

Speech Auto Attendant

Speech Auto Attendant enhances your company's image by providing a multilingual, speech-enabled auto attendant system with out of the box intelligent routing that enables callers to speak the name of a person, department, service or location and be automatically transferred to their requested party - without the hassle of searching for phone numbers or waiting to speak to an operator. By offering your callers the convenience and ease-of-use of a speech - enabled auto attendant your organization will reap the benefits of decreased telecommunications costs, increased employee productivity and an enhanced corporate image.

Outbound Dialer

Perfect for organizations tasked with outbound call campaigns, the Outbound Dialer can eliminate the time spent trying to reach prospects rather than actually speaking with them on the phone. The Outbound Dialer application is an intelligent routing and announcement productivity solution that automatically places calls to a predefined list of phone numbers, plays a greeting message to the customer, and then asks if he/she want to be connected to the appropriate agent. A popup screen displays when the customer is connected to the agent to support additional customer service.

UC Mobility

Staying connected has never been so easy. With Mobility your personnel keep productivity up whether making sales calls, servicing customers or in between appointments. Mobility gives the users the control on how they wish to communicate. Through a client on their Smartphone (Android and IOS), users can display their status to their colleagues, initiate and receive voice and/or video calls, initiate a three-way call, receive voice mail notification and perform a variety of other communications functions. Mobility is like taking your office home with you when you are on the go, which ensures business productivity is maximized.